About Us


Who We Are

The Ultra Running Company is Charlotte, North Carolina's premier resource for runners and walkers of all levels. We make running more accessible whether you're taking your first step or are a seasoned veteran, and serve as an alternative vision for the next generation of specialty running store. We use a honest, science-based approach to nurture a community based on education, training and achievement. We supply the equipment necessary to support this lifestyle and put the needs of our customers first to create customer loyalty and reward repeat business. When aspiring athletes think of running, we hope they think URC first!


How We Do It


First, We Have The Best Staff In The Industry.

The Ultra Running Company is made up of runners who care about who you are, and who care about how you run. They're not paid on commission, and they're encouraged to spend as much time as you need to find the very best solutions for your unique needs. You can meet them HERE, or you can read what other people think about their service on YELP!, Google and Facebook (hint: our customers have made us the highest rated rated running store in the country on all three, and it's because of these folks!)


Second, We Have Reinvented Gait Analysis.

Every willing customer at the Ultra Running Company is encouraged to have their running form analyzed using our proprietary methods and industry leading technology. It's important to note that shoes generally don't fix running problems, and it's exceedingly rare that a quality neutral shoe will cause them, either. Most specialty running stores continue to focus on concepts like pronation, supination and arch height to justify a recommendation of stability and motion control shoes. They even have high-tech devices that measure this type of thing, which look super-impressive and sound really science-y. Here's the problem: they don't work, and the entire industry knows it. Unfortunately, use of these terms allows for the recommendation of expensive "cures", so they remain in practice across the country. If you hear these terms used at a running store, we suggest looking elsewhere.

The best science we can find has consistently shown that improving your running form and choosing comfortable shoes that compliment your individual mechanics - both where you are today and where you would like to be in the future - is the best way to run further, faster, and injury free. We focus on concepts such as cadence, body lean, posture and footstrike to help achieve this goal.

Check out this brief video, and come it to give it a shot for yourself!


Third, We Only Carry The Shoes We'd Actually Wear.

We offer the most diverse range of specialty running shoes on the market, with brands such as Altra, Hoka One One, Salomon, Saucony and Topo. Once we've been able to analyze your running form, we work with you to make recommendations based on the following shoe characteristics:

- Surface: We have Charlotte's most comprehensive selection of both Road and Trail running shoes.

- Heel-to-Toe Offset: Commonly referred to as the "drop" of a shoe, you can choose from Natural, Low Drop and High Drop options. We recommend and stock shoes ranging from 0-8mm of additional cushion under the heel.

- Cushion: We recommend various amounts of cushion based on your personal preferences, your running style, and the distances you choose to run. We offer choices of Minimal, Transitional or Comfort cushioned shoes ranging from 10-32mm of overall "stack height".


Our Philosophy

Anyone can "Learn To Love To Run".

We believe that a significant barrier to entry in the running market is a lack of available education and a lack of inclusion for newcomers. Prospective runners are often too intimidated to start, beginning runners have no single resource to compile and transmit knowledge, and seasoned runners become too embarrassed to request additional information, leading to an industry filled with conjecture, half-truths and misplaced efforts.

Without exception, elite trainers identify certain characteristics as keys to a successful and injury free running career, yet too few peoples are exposed to these key fundamentals. The Ultra Running Company is dedicated to helping runners of all levels gain a fundamentally sound knowledge of the sport of running. We work with our customers to apply this knowledge to their daily and weekly regimen, and supply the equipment and accessories to meet their individual needs in the most effective manner possible. We are an inclusive sub-community within the Charlotte running scene, and we are dedicated to creating a sustainable lifestyle for our members.

The Ultra Running Company's customer base consists of four general communities:

1. Wellness:  We work with those hoping to initiate a running lifestyle to build a strong knowledge base, supply the correct equipment for their efforts, and establish reasonable and proper training plan. We support their efforts through recommended products, targeted activities, and informed feedback to assist their growth.


2. Casual Runners With Aspirational Race Participation:  We work with novice runners to increase their technique and form, assist them in becoming stronger, more efficient runners, and target specific races for participation. We facilitate these runners in their efforts to find the proper equipment for their goals, and encourage them to increase their participation in the running community.


3. Driven Runners With Competitive Race Participation:  We work with runners participating in all race distances from 5k to marathon, establish training plans and race strategies, and ensuring their efforts are optimized for their individual goals. These runners are exposed to the latest technology, targeted race planning, and schedule optimization to bring out the best performances possible – whether in their age group, the region, or the country.


4. Ultramarathon Runners:  We are the dedicated location on the web for runners targeting races over 26.2 miles. We showcase ultrarunning equipment and methodology, as well as immerse our customers in the lifestyle and events surrounding this sport. We provide experiential advice, training, and race day planning unavailable at traditional retail locations. We know of no other specialty running store in the world that approaches the market in the manner we do.

By focusing passionately on these four markets and allowing our clients to self-identify with the direction best fitting their own lifestyle and opportunities, the Ultra Running Company is dedicated to expanding the overall market for nature’s original sport.


Our Mission

To be the most trusted provider of holistic running knowledge, products and experiences in the market. We encourage our community to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle through exceptional service, quality products and the best retail experience in the industry.