INKnBURN Advanced Sale Waitlist

Due to the collectible nature and incredible popularity of our INKnBURN products, the Ultra Running Company has established a wait list process for the newest InB designs.

All of the amazing INKnBURN items listed below are available for pre-order via our waitlist process. Reserving a spot on the waitlist requires a non-refundable $10 reservation fee, which can be paid by selecting the product and size below. Once the selected product is available at URC, you will be contacted and the full reservation fee will be applied to the purchase price of the items selected. The remaining balance will be due at that time.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Please understand that submitting your information on this wait list does not guarantee delivery of the items. Some things really are beyond our control, and we're making that really clear up front. What it does is guarantee our best effort, and orders are filled immediately upon receipt of the product specified. Should the Ultra Running Company be unable to fulfill the order, all reservation fees will be immediately returned to the buyer.

In A Nutshell:

          1) $10 reserves your place on the waitlist and lets us know you're serious about buying the item.

          2) As soon as it arrives, we'll apply that $10 to your purchase and bill you the balance.

          3) If we are unable to deliver the item, you get your $10 back. No Harm, no foul.

          4) If you flake on us and decide you don't want the item, it's cool. We can still be friends. But we keep the $10 as an administrative fee.

We'll work really hard to make sure you get the items you reserved. We understand this is important to you, and we really want you to have them.

Thank you for your interest in INKnBURN and for visiting the Ultra Running Company. We appreciate your support!