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GO² is the world's first endurance sports device scientifically proven to increase VO2 Max by 4.1% and Endurance by 5.8%. To quantify these numbers, using GO² will take 10 minutes off a 4-hour marathon time (5-6 mins off a 3-hour marathon). In the short time it's been available, a pro triathlete has won an Ironman using GO².  

For hiking and climbing, GO² has been tested on Everest and shown to combat altitude-related shortness of breath and dramatically improve oxygen saturation.

GO² benefits are rooted in proven science by independent third-party Ph.D. researchers from Texas A&M University and Houston Methodist Hospital and proven with statistical significance.

Designed by Doctors specifically for endurance sports like running, cycling, hiking, CrossFit, and Skiing. 

Go Further, Faster with GO². 

  • Increases VO² Max by 4.1%*
  • Increases Endurance by 5.8%**

(*) and (**) See GO2 Web site for documentation

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