The Virtual Ultra Running Company Experience: Finding The Perfect Shoe... For YOU!

Bottom line: We'd love to have you come visit us at the Ultra Running Company.

But we know sometimes events get in the way. Maybe your Aunt Mabel is in town, and she's just not up for visiting one of the Southeast's highest rated running stores. Maybe it's Tuesday, and you never go out on Tuesday. Or maybe a Global Pandemic has made it illegal to have a retail store open in North Carolina. Honestly, it could be anything.

And we get that (even if not seeing you makes us just a little sad).


In a long distance race, when you need something, you look to your friends at the Aid Station. These folks are armed with the best information, and their only goal is to get you going and make sure you have the best day and best race possible. Well, this is our A.I.D. Station - it stands for Automated Information Delivery , and while it will never replace the great folks at URC, it'll get you going when we can't.

Click the banner above or HERE to get started!

Oh. You're still here? We get it. You've figured out we generally talk too much, and assumed there would be more information below the fold. You so smart...

We know a lot of expertise and experience go into helping you find the right shoes. Not the shoes with the most marketing dollars behind them, or the shoes that your favorite musician was wearing on TicTok last week, or the shoes the fastest humans in the world are being paid to wear. That stuff is easy, and its not what we do.

The right shoes are the ones that fit YOU and YOUR running style the best. The ones that match up with your body, and with your needs. And we think we've cracked that nut.

In addition to the Shoe Selector mentioned above, we have a couple of other interesting items in the A.I.D Station:

Shoe Reviews: Did you know we review many of the shoes we stock at the store on YouTube? It's true. We're one of the most popular destinations in the world for high-quality, low-buzzword shoe reviews. We've topped over 75,000 views per month, including folks from around the globe, staff at other specialty running stores and even the manufacturers themselves (these last two statements, while less believable than the first - also true - claim, are 100% accurate...other stores literally use our reviews to teach their staff how to talk to customers!!). We hope you like them, and if you do, please hit the subscribe button. It makes a difference, and we appreciate it.

A Philosophical Statement: We're different, and when we have the opportunity to tell people about it, we do. Please forgive us for grabbing a soapbox when given the option.

A Chance to Sign Up For Our Newsletter: Honestly, we don't put this out very often, but we try. We'll do our best to get information out in a reasonably consistent manner, and this is your opportunity to "opt in". We hate junk mail/SPAM, and will continue to respect your privacy by not sharing your information. But this kind of gives us the opportunity to get your attention from time to time, and we appreciate your trust and interest!

Last thing...want to know what you're missing using the A.I.D. Station? Well, all we can give here are the facts, and once you get to a particular category there's still the matter of individual fit, foot shape, foot width, amount and placement of "roll" in the shoe, shoe weight, traction, durability and more. Heck, we haven't even seen you run!

We're a brick and mortar shoe store made up of avid runners in Charlotte, North Carolina, and there are certain things we just don't know how to build into a web tool. We hope you'll take the time to stop by at some point and get the whole URC experience. We've outlined it a bit here, and we'll talk your ear off if you make it in.

Thanks so much for your interest, and we hope with enough input, we'll help you Learn To Love To Run. It's what we do!