Carson URC

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This may be the greatest shoe ever made specifically for the Ultra Running Company. OK, to be fair, its also the ONLY shoe made specifically for the Ultra Running Company, but the reality is we searched long and hard to find it.

The concept was born during a trip to Vancouver, BC (Canada) for the Fat Dog 120 ultra-race, when Courtenay and Nathan stumbled upon a small running store specializing in local trail and road running. The owner was wearing a pair of shoes unlike any we had seen before - zero drop, low cushion, a great toebox and - get this - made in the USA by a fellow who had been inspired by the same natural running techniques we feel so strongly about.

Upon our return to Charlotte, we contacted Carson Footwear and worked out the details of our shoe - his technology, his factory, his passion...and our design. We're pretty stoked with the result. This is an amazingly comfortable shoe with "just enough" cushion to protect your feet, a polyurothane sole for long life and energy absorption, and fantastic ground feel that allows your feet to react to the surface under them.

We tested our first pair on the stunning hills and roads of St. Barths - important not only because the location was so beautiful it inspired us to get out every day and explore, but also because the roads were both incredibly steep and less *conditioned* than our roads here in NC while the trails were, well, pretty much just wide spaces between trees and thorn bushes. These shoes never let us down - working well on exposed rock, loose dirt, hard packed jeep roads, and the shell-filled asphalt they consider their driving surface of choice.

We think you'll like the URC Adventure shoes as much as we do. Don't be scared about the sizing - Carson does this a bit differently as well, but we find them to fit a wide array of feet in an almost glovelike manner: allowing motion where ideal and holding your foot securely where necessary.


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