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That's right. We like us some Saucony.

We get it. They're legendary. The people who wear them are legendary. You see Saucony shoes in vintage pictures. You see them on the podium at the largest international races and the smallest local fun run. You see their advertisements in the major running magazines, and you see their ads on TV. But you know us for the brands no one else carries. And now you're concerned we're selling out.

Let us tell you about our Saucony. The Saucony we pursued for over a year before their shoes graced our shelves. The Saucony that was more concerned about staying true to Charlotte runners than about gaining a new point of sale. The Saucony that looked at the science a few years back and retooled their entire manufacturing line to ensure not a single shoe in their lineup had a heel-to-toe "drop" of more than 8mm.

And why are these big deals? Because they make it clear that Saucony is a company dedicated to doing the right thing: putting their running community ahead of their economic gain and creating the best shoes and the best network of stores to sell those shoes. And even though it took us a while to convince them the Ultra Running Company should be a part of that network, we're very happy to have them on board!


Saucony at the Ultra Running Company

The Road is Saucony's bread and butter, and when we say butter we mean that's how they feel on your feet. Like butter. These shoes are amazingly light and share a comparatively low drop (between 4-8mm differential from heel to toe) throughout the family, but retain some of the familiar characteristics of the "traditional" shoe feel. If this is your first time experimenting with shoes that are actually good for you, Saucony's Road offerings are a fantastic place to start. And maybe end. They're that good.

But choose to stop there and you'd be missing perhaps our most pleasant surprise of the past year. While you won't find it most anywhere else, we think Saucony has created one of the purest Mixed-Use shoes on the market today: The Nomad...a rare combination of excellent on-road and off-road traction, a low heel-to-toe-drop and a shape that both hugs your foot and allows it to do what it should be doing. All at the same time.

So check out our Sauconys. You'll be as happy you did as we are to provide them.