Altra Torin IQ (W)*

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The Torin has earned its spot as our best-selling road shoe because of its unbeatable step-in feel and soft, responsive cushion. With the addition of IQ technology, the Torin IQ offers all the same features you love about the Torin but with the addition of live feedback on foot strike, cadence, impact rate and contact time. The footbed sensor provides on-the-run feedback on your running form and technique, and the updated reflective upper and asymmetrical lacing will help you run safe and comfy. WIth the 28 mm stack height you get a plush, smooth ride, thanks to the A-Bound™ cushioning, and a shoe that is ready to conquer anything, mile after mile. Your toes and feet will be happy, free and balanced with the signature FootShape™ toe box, fully cushioned Zero Drop™ platform and Fit4Her technology.

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