Nathan Orion Strobe - Fiery Red

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A single solution to see and be seen! Our most powerful clip light with USB recharge powers one 30-Lumen crystal white LED to light the path ahead of you and 3 well-positioned LED strobes to allow you to be seen. Clip the strobe to the Orion Belt for a perfect fit over your clothes. Usage Instructions: - To turn on, press and hold power button for 2-3 seconds. - Press power button again to cycle through 4 different strobe / lighting combination modes. - To turn off, press and hold power button for 2-3 seconds. To Recharge: - Flip out micro USB charge port built in to back of Orion. Plug charge port in to USB power supply (200mA minimum). - Charge time 3 hours (there is no recharge indicator light on Orion, so be sure to charge for minimum of 3 hours when fully depleted). - When fully charged, unplug Orion from USB power supply and return charger port to closed position prior to next usage.
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