Running Events In The Charlotte Market

Charlotte is home to a TON of amazing running and racing opportunities. We maintain this page as a "virtual bulletin board" so you can tap into the amazing community here.

If you're LOOKING for an event: Scroll down. We list ongoing weekly runs first, then a calendar of cool events that grab our attention. We're pretty sure you can find something exciting listed, regardless of your goals or skill level!

If you're HOSTING an event: Please let us know via our contact page. We'll post it here for everyone to see. We're always searching for cool things to do, and love to help out.

A SIDE NOTE: Most independent running stores make a LOT of money through separate (but wholly owned) "Events" companies. Their race calendars only list races they own, or don't list races put on by competing businesses. We don't do that. We've included races and events put on by everyone, even other stores, so you can pick the one that fots your goals and interests. We have road and trail runs of every distance, because we want you to have a great time, regardless of where the packet pickup is held. Besides - they're pretty good folks doing the best they can!

We're excited to list and supporting locally-grown, runner-focused events, so if you see an event on this page or run into us in the wild, it's because we're truly stoked about what's going on - not because you're lining our pockets! It's not that we don't play's that our favorites have nothing to do with our financial interests! So check it out, pick a run, and get out there! We can't wait to see you!!


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