INKnBURN Denim Sports Skirt - Sarape

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This Women's Sarape Denim Sport Skirt might be one of the most versatile and fun designs we've made! It is a dynamic duo of visual trickery! It looks like a denim skirt with a bright pop of warm woven shorts underneath but... you'll have the last laugh with how cool and comfortable you feel since it is really art on our amazing feeling Dry I.C.E. Technical Fabric!  The compression style shorts are silky, light and in true INKnBURN style... so fun and funky, you'll want to show them off.  We make that easy by adding generous slits on both sides of the skirt that also give you access to both camouflaged thigh pockets on the shorts!  This great skirt also features our signature fold-over waistband and an elastic drawstring.

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