ICED Cap 3.0

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The ICED Cap is a moisture-wicking mesh cap with a roomy pocket for ice! Originally created for runners and triathletes, the ICED Cap has now been used in a large variety of applications. Use it for running, tennis, gardening, lawn care, construction work, lounging at the pool or on the beach, and much more. By simply loosening the drawstring, pouring in ice, closing it, and wearing it during runs, our running testers have achieved faster times in training and races of all lengths and were more comfortable while doing it!

The 3rd generation ICED Cap, has the same amazing cooling effect as its predecessors.

What’s the difference?

  • Subtle logos
  • Mesh on the bill (matching the rest of the Cap)
  • Drawstrings that exit the rear exterior of the pocket
  • Eyelets to reinforce the drawstring mechanism
  • More color options
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